The site's now running

Hello. The web page is now working.

I will write on my page about the various things I program, do, or play on my PC or on my consoles.1 I just finished a good chunk of my page. All of the posts or comments2 are formatted with Markdown, but only I can use HTML. 3

Also the entire web page is written in Python 34 and TLS is enforced.

None of the data is stored in a database, but instead stored entirely in pickle objects5. 50 comments or 50 articles are stored in on file so that it doesn't slow down that much when I implement pages6 (currently useless for 3 articles/1 comment)

This version of markdown supports tables and spoilers7, however tables are currently broken for some reason.

Spoiler (mouseover to view)

! Some secret content.

! You might get spoiled by it.

Author's Annotations (2020)


I do not plan on writing anything about video games, unless they are development-related


Comments are currently not supported on this site


Formatting has been changed here as the original site had a dark theme


No longer true. The site is generated using a rust static site generator called zola.


If we had dynamic data it would be stored in a database like it should


Articles are no longer stored together and pages are actually implemented


Spoilers are no longer supported.